5 Secret Santa gifts under $30

5 Secret Santa gifts under $30

Organising secret Santa is one of the best ways to connect with your friends, family, or colleagues on the special occasion of Christmas. However, selecting the right gift can be an overwhelming process.

Here are some interesting $30 secret Santa gift ideas and tips to help you make the best memories.

Tips to make your Secret Santa more exciting
While planning a Secret Santa party, you must ensure it is fun and exciting. Here are a few tips to help organise a perfect party.

  • Choose a date before the Christmas holidays to organise the gift exchange.
  • Draw the names in advance so everyone can know who they are giving a gift to. It will allow everyone to buy the perfect gift. A $10 to $30 Secret Santa gift ideas budget in Australia is manageable for everyone.
  • You can allow people to write their names and give any gift ideas before the draw takes place.
  • While each person is opening gifts, make sure to appreciate the effort.

5 best secret Santa gift ideas

If you are wondering what you will buy as a gift, we have curated a list of amazing secret Santa gift ideas that are useful and adored by everyone.

1. Acrylic flower vase
It is a cute and stunning flower vase perfect for friends or family members. The mesmerising design makes it a gorgeous decoration piece. You can keep flowers and other items like pens, makeup brushes, and more. It is a unique statement piece that everyone would love to have on their table.

2. Checkerboard cushion cover
If you are the secret Santa of someone who loves to décor their home and like a cosy appearance, checkerboard cushion covers are perfect. They look great with any type of interior design. The appealing colours and comfortable material make it a must-have.

3. A set of cute and stylish candles bundle
If you have a candle lover in the group, create a bundle of unique and stylish candles. The amazing items you can include in the candle bundle are the Bubble candle, Lightning bolt candle and a Shell candle. Buy a bundle and save 20%! Or create your own and include as many items as you like in your gift box, and the recipient of this gift will surely fall in love with it.

4. Mushroom candle lamp
It is a great gift for people who like scented candles. With 80 hours of burn time, you can enjoy this elegant decoration piece. Moreover, once the candle is used, you can easily keep flowers or other products in the glassware. The Mushroom Candle Lamps are a special Secret Santa gift which costs a little over $30
so if you can slightly extend your budget, it will be a great choice.

5. Pastel Goblet glasses
The amazing pastel shades and cute design of the goblet glass will surely grab the recipient's attention. They're an ideal Secret Santa gift for people who love to go the extra mile while hosting dinners or parties.

Final Thoughts
While arranging a party, inform everyone in advance so they can prepare their gifts and help you with arrangements. A $20 secret Santa gift ideas budget in Australia is perfect because everyone can easily get some amazing gifts. Manara Home has many cute products perfect for Secret Santa gifts!

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