Colourful Handmade Home Decor Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Colourful Handmade Home Decor Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

This year, Mother's Day in Australia falls on Sunday 14th May. If you're not sure what to get for Mother's Day but you know that your mum loves colourful home decor, we've got you covered with some great Mother’s Day gift ideas. And if you're still unsure, don't worry - we've also got a bonus suggestion that will give her the freedom to choose something she loves!

Decorative Candles

A scented candle is always a great gift, and when it comes in a colour she loves it can double as a decorative addition to her space. Choose a scent that your mum will love and in a unique shape and colour that complements her home decor style. 


If mum loves entertaining, then colourful glassware can add a playful touch to any kitchen or dining room. Consider a set of goblet glasses or wine glasses in her favourite colour, or opt for a multicoloured set that will brighten up any table setting.


A beautiful vase filled with fresh flowers can instantly brighten up a room. Choose a colourful vase that matches your mum's style and fill it with her favourite blooms.

Cushion Covers

Cushion covers are an easy and affordable way to add colour and personality to a sofa or armchair. Choose a playful checkered print cushion cover or a bright solid colour that complements your mum's existing decor.

And if you're still not sure what to get, consider a gift card. This way, she can pick out something that speaks to her style and tastes, ensuring that she will love the gift for years to come.

There are plenty of colourful home decor gift ideas for Mother's Day that will make your mum smile. From handmade decorative candles and colourful glassware to beautiful vases and playful cushion covers, these gifts are sure to brighten up her space. 

Happy Mother's Day!

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