Introducing the Mushroom Candle Lamp!

Introducing the Mushroom Candle Lamp!

We’re so excited to announce our latest product to the Manara Home collection for summer 2022!

These Mushroom Candle Lamps are hand poured in Melbourne Australia using pure coconut soy wax and cotton wicks. Our first drop includes four beautiful colours - White, Blue, Pink and Lime Green and Orange - each with its own fragrance.

Each vessel is hand blown making each pattern and design unique. The vessels also have an iridescent finish to them making them extra cute and on-trend for 2023.

Need any more convincing? Here’s four reasons to add one of these babies to your cart ASAP.

Mushroom Core Trend

Have you seen mushrooms trending all over TikTok and Instagram? But what is Mushroom Core? For those that don’t know it’s ‘Mushroom Core’ is the name given to the aesthetic of mushrooms, whether that be art, fashion, or food. The trend has made its way to the home décor scene, and we couldn’t help but get involved! Pinterest has even included it in their 2023 Pinterest Predicts report. Pinterest states that “…this form of maximalist self-expression will only continue to rise in the year ahead.”

High Quality Ingredients

We only use the best candle ingredients on the market for our candles. The Mushroom Candle Lamp contains pure coconut soy wax sourced from a local supplier right here in Melbourne Australia. This wax gives you a clean and natural burn and will have your room smelling delicious.

Gift Ideas

A Mushroom Candle Lamp really is the perfect gift idea for her. With 500g of wax, this gives you a burn time of over 80 hours plus a reusable vessel which makes it well worth the investment! If you’re looking for gift ideas under $100 we recommend considering the Mushroom Candle Lamp as it will be sure to impress!  


This has to be the best thing about our Mushroom Candle Lamps. Once your candle has finished, simply refill it with another candle or clean it out with warm soapy water and use it as a vase for fresh flowers!  Stay tuned as we will be launched our candle refills in the new year.

We hope you love our new collection of Mushroom Candle Lamps. Check out the full range of colours here.

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